We have thoroughly enjoyed our journey with our Boxers.  We love their intelligence, nobility, athleticism, and lovable antics that make us smile and laugh every day.  I am a member of the New Jersey Boxer Club and the American Boxer Club.

We hope you enjoy our website! 

Wynding Brook Boxers carries the name of my family's farm in Pennsylvania.  While I grew up with animals and dogs, Dave never had any pets (except for his father's parakeets) until we were married. We started our journey with Boxers in 2005 after losing an Irish Setter and Lab in the span of 2 months.  After a month without a dog, our son marched downstairs one day and boldly announced that he could not live without a dog and he wanted a Rottweiler!   It didn't really take much to talk me into another dog, but I wasn't so sure about a Rottie.  But shortly after the first announcement, our son came back with another suggestion. Let's get a BOXER!!!   Having fond memories of my great aunt's boxer as a child, it took very little time for us to decide to find a boxer to add to our family.  I also decided I needed a new hobby and decided we should try our hand at showing.   I guess showing and trying to find/breed a beautiful specimen is in my blood,  having spent many a summer showing cows.